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Non-Financial Report 2017

Deutsche Bank

Non-Financial Report 2017

Digital Ecosystem

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Banking in a Digital Ecosystem

We place great emphasis on the ability of technology to enable frictionless interactions with clients. For us, digital is enabling self-service for clients. Digital means delivering our capabilities via scalable platforms in the location and time chosen by the client. For this reason, we are actively building platforms to facilitate market interactions and deliver value for our customers in ways that make their lives easier.

There is a clear rationale behind our approach to digital:

  • We have the scale, resources, industry knowledge and maturing digital abilities to turn disruption into opportunity.
  • We invite fintechs to participate on our platforms to benefit customers and markets.
  • We are evolving our organization to be ever more client-centric. Technology enables us to provide products and services that are brand new and unlike anything before.
  • We need to be a driving force on platforms. The platform model allows us to make the most of our capabilities across divisions and create new financial services for our clients.
  • Increasingly, we are harnessing our data to understand clients better, make more informed decisions and further strengthen our control functions.