Deutsche Bank

Non-Financial Report 2017

People Strategy

Our agenda seeks to create an environment where our people can work in partnership and are enabled to deliver sustainable organizational performance.

The success of our strategy depends on the capabilities and experiences of our workforce—and thus on how we retain, motivate and develop our teams and acquire new talent as needed. This was reflected in our strategic HR priorities for 2017:

  • Strengthen our talent agenda by expanding bank-wide leadership, management and acceleration program coverage
  • Further embed diversity & inclusion in all people processes
  • Invest in the future, e.g. social media engagement and digital learning
  • Modernize the experience of HR through the implementation of “Workday”
  • Support restructuring measures and enable internal mobility
  • Deliver regulatory projects, e.g. MiFID II and Remuneration Ordinance for Institutions (Institutsvergütungsverordnung)
  • Support strategic business initiatives, e.g. Postbank integration, Brexit, DWS Initial Public Offering (IPO)

During the reporting year, we made good progress against these priorities. For instance, we filled a third of job openings with internal candidates (excl. Postbank), increased the share of women in management positions, invested in digitization (e.g. “I am DB” app for graduates), and implemented restructuring measures in a socially responsible manner (e.g. closing of bank branches in Germany).

Our global priorities and standards are defined and monitored by the Global HR Executive Committee. This includes the global heads of HR, the divisions and entities sharing responsibility for HR management, as well as the HR heads responsible for processes and products in the regionally.

We embed our HR strategy within individual objectives of Management Board, as agreed with the Supervisory Board. In doing so, individual aspects and focus areas (e.g. reaching agreed diversity ratios or determining employee satisfaction) help us to measure individual performance and progress.