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Non-Financial Report 2017

About this Report

This is our first Non-Financial Report, providing insights on developments from January to December 2017. The report replaces the former Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report, which had been published since 2002. The next Non-Financial Report will be published in March 2019. The last CR Report was published in March 2017.

The non-financial topics identified as material to understand the development of the business, the business results and the position of Deutsche Bank, as well as necessary to understand the impacts of our activities on the aspects, are marked throughout this report. The overview table of topics covered by our Non-Financial Statement is part of this report’s materiality assessment 2017.

To fulfil the requirements of the German law on non-financial reporting and the application of an externally recognized framework (CSR RUG, § 289d HGB), we continue to align to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In this respect, this report has been compiled in accordance with the core option of the GRI SRS guidelines. Our full GRI content index is available in the online report and on our corporate website. This report also serves as our Communication on Progress for the UN Global Compact. The information contained in this report is subject to additional external assurance (see Independent assurance statement). References to information outside the Group Management Report do not form a part of the Non-Financial Report and the external assurance.

The system for data generation and the aggregation of our greenhouse gas emissions is based on the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064. It is subject to additional external assurance (see Independent assurance statement).

As well as reporting on our corporate responsibility performance annually, we strive for transparency throughout the year by disclosing to sustainability rating organizations (see Sustainability Ratings) and publishing information on our corporate responsibility website, as well as regional publications and other regular updates (

This Non-Financial Report 2017 is also available in German. (see

Report Limits

We regard this report as a supplement to the Annual Report and Human Resources Report of Deutsche Bank AG. In addition to the information in this report, you can access information and our key economic data from our Annual Report, our Financial Statements, and Management Report (see or